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I am using a "41468 motor shield" (images attached).
It seems to work ok for motors but I want to also put an IR sensor so that I can start/stop motors from remote controls.
1) Where do I connect the IR sensor? It only works on digital pins, right? Or analog is good too? Because the card only seems to have the analog pins available, I soldered connectors on the analog area (the 3 lines of 6 pins).
2) Is the digital area fully occupied or can I connect sensors there too? Some digital pins: 0,1,2,13 (marked with black marker on the side of the board on 3rd image) seem to be unused from what I see. Can I connect IR sensor there?


You can use the analog input pins as digital I/O pins.  Just call then 14-19 or A0-A5.

D0 and D1 are use for serial I/O so best leave them alone.

D2 and D13 are not used by the board so you can use them.

D9 and D10 just go to the two servo sockets in the corner.  If you aren't using those sockets you can use those two pins.
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Can you also tell me if this shield can be used with one of those simple 2 wire motors? Or it only works with 3 wires?
And can a 2 wire motor be made to change direction with this shield ?

The shield product url is http://emartee.com/product/41468/
Motor is like http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/77


You can control four of them.

The board contains four H-bridges.  Each one can drive a DC motor up to 600mA forward and backward.
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Excuse..i'm here to ask about both of your conservation.. Is it just connect the IR receiver signal to analog pin 14-19 ? that it will be works ?

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