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Did you say you powered the laser diode directly from the arduino? I've been looking some info on this for ages, as I like you haven't played with electronics for a good while and would very much like to build a trippy laser light show too! :)


Yes, I did.

I used a cheap laser pen.  It's not a particularly bright laser but it does the trick in a dark room.


Just an idea (I've read about it somewhere on the net a few months ago): you could also trigger the shot via a microphone capsule. When the object hits the water you have a sound, and the capsule emits a signal. If you capture it with an analog pin and are polling it fast enough you could catch the moment where the water jumps up after the object sinks.


I've read about that too, but haven't got round to it.

I've got a hall effect switch and some rare earth magnets pulled from old optical drives - I was going to try use that at some point. I reckon it's likely to be more reliable than the laser/light sensor and adding a delay so you capture the right moment isn't difficult.

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