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I bought a book by this author and found that he has a whole series of books available.  In his book bio it is claimed that he is a regular on these boards.  Does anyone have any thing good or bad to say about the McRoberts books?  I ask because so far I've found at least one programming error and a lot of general text typos.  I can forgive this if I hear some good things about the series in general.  Thanks.


I see only this book by him on Amazon??

I find the book to be one of the best for people starting out with Arduino. There are lots of graphics, slow and clear explanations, and a good sequence of subjects.

I have about 30+ Arduino books and many are difficult for real beginners.

If someone has no electronics background at all, and doesn't have anyone to help, I also suggest MAKE:Electronics as a very good resource.
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We spotted a few code errors in our copy as well, which is a bummer.  However, the book is an excellent resource overall, and avoids the extremes of other Arduino books.  Many beginner texts go for the "cookie cutter" approach, where the examples are self-contained and dry, while others go for the "zany basement project" path, where the whole book is dedicated to building only a few complex projects step by step.  Beginning Arduino strikes a good middle ground, building on previous examples to do more interesting things, but keeping concepts modular so you can use them elsewhere.  If you don't mind debugging the occasional typo, we'd still recommend this one.

Beginning Arduino is McRoberts only Arduino book as far as we know... Apress publishes a number of similar texts, but we prefer this over Practical Arduino or the like.  If you're looking for more info on some popular choices for Arduino books, we also have an article on our website, Engblaze: http://www.engblaze.com/best-arduino-books/


I like it that you put 6 books in your top five booklist ;)
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Is there a webpage source to download (or cut-n-paste) code for the McRoberts book ?  The book itself refers to the publishers page which has a download option.  However I cannot get that link to work, as I keep getting an error message with my WinZip.

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