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what is that (broken) link, we might give it a try ...

Or better, you could mail the publisher, as you're probably not the only one ...
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Here is the link to the page at Apress Publisher:

It will let me download (I think...) but error messages prevent me from using WinZip on the file.


Downloaded OK and opened in Winzip OK for me...
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I've tried on two different computers.  Can download the file, but when I try to un-Zip I get a message about an "invalid archive".


I like it that you put 6 books in your top five booklist ;)

Haha nice catch! That last one was a last-minute addition.  Someone *cough* wasn't performing their editing duties very well...

As for the book source code, I was able to download it at that link and unzip fine using WinRAR.  Maybe try a different archive program?  WinRAR is worth the shareware nagging IMO, but you could also try the open-source 7-zip.

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