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You could try modifying a NeTV. It overlays information over HDMI video without breaking DMCA (should be checked with legal though). If you want to overlay, you just need to learn to write applications for NeTV: it's an overlay solution for HDMI (even HDCP encrypted).



I made this as an early Arduino project, and it was only with lots of patient help from the big5 on the forum that I got it going. ( thanks guys )

I could compress the text to repeat 10 or more times across the screen without losing definition.

I stored each lines info  ( or several lines repeated to make the blocks ) during the horizontal flyback and first part of the trace, into 2 parallel in / serial out registers, which I read out to make the video signals to add to the video.

Obviously it was all syncd to the H and V pulses on the vga lead.

I chuckle when I think of how I got this going ( no arrays, or anything clever ) and look at my code ............

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