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You can get a bluetooth to serial module ln ebay for about 10$ free shipping
It works great for me, using it for serial communication with my android phone and just a serial to bluetooth app
works with my uno great @ 9600 serial


One more question, since I'm about to receive a low cost BT shield among many other things :

How to determine the right baud value ? I want an optimized set up and I don't want to waste some resource. The baud rate can vary a lot, I just want to pick the right value for my use case.




I am glad it work for you. For me, I will be trying to experiment amd trying to communicate with my PC / Ardiuno. I just hope it a simple serial init code ( Arduino side and Processing side ). But using my cell is well ... another story ...


I did read it, I download the JSR 82 and Bluetooth API and try to install in my Netbean IDE subdirectory ... ( I don't thing I got it right ).  And read the site, try to read / understand it, read others site about the Bluetooth API , and try to read / understand the Java ME code.... Just say ---->  :smiley-eek:   :~    <----   I simply need a simple JAVA ME 2 "Hello Word" to communicate with my PC or Arduino so I can understand more about it.  I did a "Hello World" code to send from PC to Arduino using Processing ( in my PC side )

Sorry to be "off topic"

I just hope my ITead blutooth shield will work. 

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