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This is my first time here :smiley-sad-blue:, I'm also a newbie in terms of embedded system programming so bear with me :(. My question is the PIC, ARM or even the FPGA like xlinx could be programmed through the Arduino or is it only designed for the Avr atmel32 microcontrollers

Thank you


Designed for selected AVR 8-bit microcontrollers.
Check out the list here to see the kinds of parts its been to work with:
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There are also some Arduino based projects out there.  Notably Leaflab's maples and Digilent's Chipkit.  They each use custom core file sets, and very few libraries work with them, but the cores give you the same basic operation, with many times the speed.

Chipkit is based off of PIC32s, and Leaflabs uses st32 ARM chips.  They each have advantages, but it really comes down to this: Maple is better documented, and Chipkit is more directly code compatible.

I would not rate either of them as beginner friendly though.

Arduino is currently developing an Atmega SAM3U ARM based Arduino called the Due.  You can read more about that here.

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