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I've been working on a breakout board to support the tiny core found here: http://code.google.com/p/arduino-tiny/

This will allow you to use Attiny85, Attiny45 and Attiny2313 from one dev board which can easily be used with breadboard. So far this is an unproven design, so if anyone wants to test it feel free to make your own boards. I'll be having some made in the near future, january probably. I have yet to write the support documentation, so any questions please ask!

Source: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8131315/MultiTinyDuino.rar

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Why did you include an FTDI connector?


The Attiny4313, pin for pin compatible witht the 2313 has enough space for a bootloader, not sure if anyones tried it though, and also has a UART. The easiest way to use that will be with an FTDI connector as it'll require no more external parts.


It looks like you have enough room, do not use SMT components.  Use Pin in hole parts.  They are easier to acquire and build with.


If enough people are interested I will layout a PTH board, but I intend to use this as an intro to SMD construction.

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