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Hi! I want to read data from MMA7455 to my Arduino Mega by SPI, but I have some problems.

I connect MMA7455 to arduino mega by 4-wires:

MMA7455       Arduino Mega

  SDO      ->    pin 50 (MISO)
  SDA      ->    pin 51 (MOSI)
  SCL      ->    pin 52 (SCK)  
  CS        ->    pin 53 (SS)

And wrote this code:
Code: [Select]

#include <SPI.h>

char X_data;

#define SELECT_MODE 0x16 //Register for the mode changing
#define MODE_2G 0x09 //2g mode
#define MODE_4G 0x05 //4g mode
#define MODE_8G 0x01 //8g mode

#define x_axis 0x06 //Register for reading the X-Axis
#define y_axis 0x07 //Register for reading the Y-Axis
#define z_axis 0x08 //Register for reading the Z-Axis

#define SS 53   //SS pin

void writeRegister(char Register, char Value) {

 digitalWrite(SS, LOW);

 SPI.transfer(0x80 | (Register << 1));

 digitalWrite(SS, HIGH);

unsigned char readRegister(char Register) {

 char data;  
 digitalWrite(SS, LOW);
 SPI.transfer(Register << 1);
 data = SPI.transfer(0x00);
 digitalWrite(SS, HIGH);
 return data;

void setup() {

 pinMode(SS, OUTPUT);
 digitalWrite(SS, HIGH);
 writeRegister(SELECT_MODE, MODE_8G);

void loop() {
 X_data = readRegister(x_axis);
  Serial.print(X_data, DEC);

...but this program always gives back zero from all axis (

Please help me, where is my mistake? Thanks a lot.


up... I2C is working good, but SPI is not... (


Hi, I use the MMA7455 with i2c without problem.
I hope that this page can be helpful for you:

Why do you need the SPI connection?



Since the CS pin doubles as a I2C enable pin you need to be I2C clean when CS is high.  Thus I'd make sure SCK and MOSI are LOW before releasing CS.  The datasheet says there's a control bit in one of the registers to disable I2C, probably the first thing to check.

You then need to make sure you are using 4-wire and not 3-wire SPI - this may be why you are getting nothing on MISO....
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