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it runs  :D


and so md_001p0 is released (http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/)

the car installation is a mess right now, but who cares, it works  ::)

a very nice addon is the datalogging:

a short run:


very detailed:

it updates every 15ms, fastest i can get is every 7ms, but there is no need for that...


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Wow, excellent work!  I hope you give more details of the car interface once you get done.  I know it's hard to do a write up when you're elbow deep in a project. :)

Also, thanks for that snippet of the power circuit.  I hope to have it together soon.


im writing it all into the wiki from google.code: http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/w/list

its not much up to now but i will keep updating this  :)

thanks to my VW, its quite easy, most signals are already 0-5V  ;D


got some schematics done, and more infos put into the wiki  :)

the "base print":

The arduino can be put onto it, also a LCD, Powersupply, 3 Buttons, 5 VDO Sensors, 1 Boost Sensor, a Shiftlight, a LM35 and quite some more stuff  ::)

in 3d:

and then there ist the Typ K Thermocouple print:

in 3d:

more infos about the TypK Print:  http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/wiki/TypKThermocouples

now im working on getting some nice double sided prints  ::)



Looks like a lot of fun functionality!

My project is far away from something like this. Anyway, did you mount an aditional Lambda sensor yourself? Where did you bought it from (Conrad?)


yes, but the more you get into it, the more work it gets  :-?

The Lambda sensor is the stock one, i just tapped a wire inside the ECU loom  ;)

Maybe in future i will put a LM1 sensor inside, it has a 0-5V output and is a nice wideband type sensor.

The whole thing will change from the Arduino to the Boarduino, to shrink it so it fits nicer inside the radio slot  :)


im working on "BigFonts" becouse its a little hard to read the small numbers while driving fast  ::)

2 Lines:

4 Lines:

just need to figure out how to do that  :-[
any help is highly appreciated: LCD "Bigfont" Numbers over 2 or 4 lines



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Very nice fonts!... I did a similar one for 3 lines. You can find the source code here: http://hifiduino.blogspot.com/2009/05/improved-display.html

(Use the corresponding lcd commands for your LCD. I used the web4robot LCD and the corresponding library)

(I may borrow your designs)

Ran Talbott

A simple and cheap way to reduce clutter and glitches from surprise disconnects:

As it happens,  this setup was made when I was testing the web4robot controller with various LCDs.

You can also put a brick on top of the "no sliding around" frame that overhangs the piece,  and keeps it from bouncing out,  like this.



glt, i will look into the code, looks promising  :)

go ahead with the fonts, there is nothing special about them...

will make a 3 line font also, gives some space to print something else on the LCD, when im able to print BigFonts...

Ran Talbott, thats a perfect idea!  8-) had the problem quite often that it disconnects in the car...


And a new video, out of focus but its possible to see what happens  :-/


new things:

- BigFont 4 Lines
- BigFont 2 Lines
- Scope mode

The Scope is cool, makes it much easier to see changes in values as with Numbers...

Its basically a vertical bar, and then scrolled through a array  :)


hello i race go karts and would like to build something like this. I want head temp. rpm. and laptimer. could i also get a camra to see behind me becouse we cant have mirrors. Do you think all this is possiable and about how much will it cost. a mycron 4 costs about $400 so any cheaper would be better. ;)


head temp and rpm is no problem, laptimer should also work, but it may not be so accurate.

The code from here may not be usable for time measurement, you need to modify it to work with some timers...

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