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i cant access the spreadsheet  :-X

deep link to the datasheet i got: http://www2.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenblaetter/425000-449999/440483-da-01-en-ENTSTOERDROSSEL_MESC_400M_01.pdf

on the supplier page, the part MESC-400M-YY is ok!

according to here: http://www.fastrongroup.com/products/inductors/pdf/SuppressionCoils.pdf

the YY is the Packing Code, so with 01 i got the Reel Version, with 00 you would get em boxed.

Means 00 or 01 would be ok  :)


do you have a copy of office?  what spreadsheet formats can you read?  i have it stored on the pc in office 2007 xlsx format.


google docs would be fine, but you need make it public so i can read it  :)

xlsx would also be ok, im running office 2007.


can i get your email?  i'll email it to you.  i'll 'try' to make the doc public, though i 'thought' i did.  hehe.

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