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I'm impressed by your perseverance and by the professional look of the final product  8-)  Really nice.



Really nice project i must say.
I was thinking about doing the same thing.
Btw i work at VW, so just ask if you have some questions about your car.


i have a nice question, how does the fuel consumption and speed signal to the tachometer from a VW Golf 3 look like?  :-?

would like to read that in but i dont want wo wait until christmas when i can take a probe to the car...

btw, around new year i will install it into my car, and will ship some kits to some brave beta testers  ;D


I have sent you a PM, so i dont ruin your nice topic here.



It seems that its starting to spread, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the big US is "Mutlidisplayed"   8-)

as far as i know, is Darko from Croatia the first to reproduce the Multidisplay!

he send me some pics about his work so far:

it will be installed into a tuned Opel Astra, looking forward to see it moving  :)

Also Ben from the US is deep into the plan to make one for his Ford Diesel pickup truck running on ethanol.

My VW Golf will get it until christmas, the kit now sits some months here but as my vacation comes, time comes to install it  :)

To get you quicker startet the Wiki is now heavy updatet: http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/wiki/Welcome?tm=6
It should have all informations to build a kit  :)

The current software now also feature the "VDO Sensors" what makes all Inputs working. It can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/source/browse/#svn/branches/md_002p0pre

or as a snapshot ziped in the downloads: http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/downloads/list

steve, alias designer2k2


Its done, it is installed in a car!!!  8-)  :D


and with that, the first real release of the software is here: md_002p0

The Sourcecode can be found on the gc page: http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/

I have some prints around so if somebody want to build a kit i can give a hand with them!

Now i have to go, drive around and enjoy, well until the snow starts falling again  ::)


Looks really nice. I will be interested in any updates.

You also have some interesting code there that could be modified for other projects. Great work  ;)




nice work!  :)

I found your project while i was searching for a boost controller / data logger build with an arduino. I think i'll build a multidisplay for my Corrado. :)


i've been seriously considering a solution to getting digital information out of my 1971 OPEL GT (ironic, imo, there's already an OPEL running this solution!).

My car is currently stripped pending some body work and engine rebuild, but this would be great to tinker with on my snow/rainy days.

Part of hte problem i'm having however is all of the components come from european sites and figuring out where to try to find them stateside is being a real pain.

that, and a quick confirmation that this:
ebay item=280460279770

(i need to post a bit more for actual links apparently.)

is a proper/compatible solution to this build.

Also, my car does not include nearly as many input solutions as you've done here.

Speedo, RPM, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Tank, Volts....  maybe a external / interior temperature solution, would be all i'm interested in.

This would FINALLY allow me to digitize my dash.  i've been trying to figure out a way to put an s10 ECM into the car, run all my sensors through it, fake the ones i don't have, and use the ODB2 connection to get a signal to a car pc.  

... needless to say this is SOOO much smoother.  and cost effective.

Lastly... i'd like to entertain the idea of controlling certain aspects of the car from the computer, windows, locks, interior lamps, amp... so forth so on, and would like your opinion as to wether or not this build would be compatible with controlling a 12 volt switching relay bank for those items.

~~Dan Eakin
Lansing MI, USA



yes, Darko has it in his Astra  ;)

Would Digikey Partnumbers help? I think quite every part is avaiable from them.

The eBay Link is an Arduino Mega, you would need an duemilanove, or simmiliar, otherwise the pcb´s wont fit...

Like this one: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=666

Yes you can drive relay´s, just google "Arduino Relay" there is a lot of information out there how to do it.
There are about 6 I/O´s right away free for that, and with some coding and a little soldering you could add another 8  :)



actually, yes.  i was at digikey actually trying to find comparitive parts and gave up on the first chip after about a half hour.  i typed in your manu. part number but always got variations on it.  i'm not skilled at electronics, but know how to assemble and build with pre-designed and arranged components.

I'd very much appreciate your help.  also, i'd like to eliminate the thermocouple section (my car simply doesn't need that information) and if at all possible, boost and Lam.  on the flip side i would like to have volts on the dash.  heh.


i will add a column with digikey parts, hope i can get everything.

just dont place the thermocouple parts, thats the easiest way ;) Lambda and Boost are just Inputs, no circuit there...

Volts is no problem, the board measures 0-5V, for more you need a voltage divider. The car supply voltage is already measured.


Digi-key for about all parts: http://code.google.com/p/multidisplay/wiki/PartList1

The Case i left out, as there are so many fitting ones...


MESC-400M-YY       40      100      20      216      2      Ferrite      Get Sample

foudn this on the FASTRON SITE:

but yours calls for a different part number... couldn't find it exactly...  got a link?

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