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I want to connect this sensor to micro controller AT89C5131A
And I do not understand how this sensor works
If anyone knows the sensor and knows how to work with him.....


The "sensor" is much more like a meter. If you open it up, you will see a paddle wheel inside. When the water rushes through the sensor, it spins the wheel. The wheel drives a shaft with a magnet on it, as the magnet spins the magnetic field changes from N to S to N, etc. There is a "Hall effect sensor" in the housing that is triggered by it N to S change. SO.......

We can determine how the volume of water is takes to move the wheel around 1 time. We can also determine how many wheel turn per second by counting the pulses from the wheel's hall effect sensors output. We can now find out the flow rate seeing:

Volume / time = flow rate.

The data sheet lists the calibrated pulses per volume for you (.00376 liters per pulse on average over the full flow range). So you now just have to write the code to count the pulse's per second and then use this math:

flow (lpm) = (pulses per second x .00376 liters per pulse) x 60seconds

4.73 lpm = (21 pulses per second x .00376 liters per pulse) x 60seconds


Modify this project


to work with your calibration (math above)

and check here to make the program run MUCH better.


I am working on a flow meter project also (mine uses two seeedstudio flow meters in parallel to double the flow capacity, somewhere close to 16 gpm) so that is why you'll see I have two of everything called out in the makers workbench.

If you do a search on the seeedstudio flow meter/sensor you can get some good info.

Good luck!


ok thanks a lot
i need to connect the sensor with pull up 10k to timmer/counter port ?


Yes. Otherwise the input pin may be in a undefined state.


I need detailed information on the component.
How he built a system which is working and more because I'm giving a summary on this topic
Please help me Thanks

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