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here is a nice offer:


i wrote something about solenoids in this thread as wel:



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Great deal for those valves!

I'm planning on using a 12V system (solar ftw!) and cheap (possibly windshield wiper washer) pumps.  I won't have any water source access on a balcony, instead having a reservoir under the plants for water and nutrient-- should be fine to drain into itself (details complicated, more later).

These valves would be useful with a raised reservoir, if the runoff isn't being reused, esp. with a rainwater catchment system.

SO HAPPY to see many people working on different concepts of a "smart garden"!


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I too am an avid gardener, who also happen to be an Electronic Technologist who likes to automate and control.

You may wish to consider using my recently introduced MRMP using either Controller or Bridge shell.

Using MRMP you can easily add your code, debug and even network them over the serial port or simple Wire network.

As an example I have a Bridge and three Controllers... House Alarm, Garage Alarm and Koi Pond feed and monitor. All are accessible from anywhere in the World. The MRMP Controller code is rock solid, runing for six months without any intervention.

Hope MRMP helps.


Whats the progress of this project?

I plan to invest my entire winter working on a hydroponic version, It will control PH/TDS/nutrent levels, water temps, monitor humidity in the green house, have web monitoring and a software GUI to control and set the many parameters of hydroponic gardening.

Id like to get this get this going with as many of you as possible!

if your interested in participating, shoot me a PM, Ill donate enough $ to each member of the team that provides code for the project to buy a new arduino :)


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Nice to see that I'm not the only lazy creature on this planet. I have made a thing like that about 6 months ago and have been testing it for all summer, the plants were satisfied, tomatos were delicious :) I didn't include an actual arduino board as I made my own to reduce the size of the black box.

What it does:
- temperature measurement: if it's too hot, it opens the window to let fresh air in. (can be set to auto/manual, if I want to let it closed/opened no matter what)
- watering: two modes, auto-timer ->twice a day (as we don't water during the day, right) for a set period of time) and auto-humidity (the value shown on lcd) -> measures humidity and if the soil is too dry, triggers the valve (also only twice a day), this is, as on a cold day you don't need so much wattering.

I guess that's all you need :)


That looks like a nice set up Odisej.  I'm curious as to how you have the window set up.  


Pretty cool!  I've wanted to do something like this, but I just have a deadly fear of water anywhere near electronics.  Maybe this will motivate me (if I'm careful enough haha :P)!


@streety: I wanted to get a strong servo motor, but figured out it could be quite expensive stuff...so I went to a junkyard and took a motor from a car (screen wipers) and it works great. I control it through a strong mos-fet and I regulate the speed using pwm :) In this winter time I am upgrading the code, adding RTC for better timing and accuracy and watchdog to consume less power.



This is an awesome project. I think I'm going to work on something like this next. And why did I not think of going to a dump to find old electronic parts. Also, and idea: most local computer stores would be glad to give used parts too. And they would probably be interested in cool electronics like this in their store.


I have something very similar to this. Details are on my blog here: http://blog.nemik.net/2009/11/new-project-arduinoponics/

But I basically also used a Ford windshield wiper pump to make a system in the style of a WindowFarm (http://windowfarms.org/).

I added/hardcoded my pump timer interval code into the Firmata firmware (my source here http://github.com/nemik/arduinoponics).  I did this because the pumping of nutrients is the most important. I plan to otherwise use serial communication via Firmata and a laptop or small router to do the sensing for temperature, light, humidity, etc and also turn lights on and off.
Right now it just runs the pump for 4 seconds every 10 minutes. It's all powered from a 12V 1A AC adapter with a 7805 regulator producing 5V for the Arduino and 12v going to the pump via a transistor.

I have some pictures of it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nemik/sets/72157622608195083/


I'm really interested to start something like this, but where for crying out loud do you get those small DC pumps?  I've looked everywhere (eBay, Amazon, Pet stores, etc.) and just can't seem to find any that run at a reasonable voltage for a reasonable price.  Obviously it doesn't have to be anything particularly powerful, but I just can't seem to find any.

Maybe I'm typing the wrong keywords or something?

Either way, could someone please direct me to a pump or suggest somewhere to look?  :P


TchnclFl, just search for "washer pump" on e-bay.

Ahhh thanks!  Any idea what voltage these pumps use?  Also, I assume it is in fact DC? :P


They are all car window washer pumps. 12V DC.
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Since we debate... has anyone found a special type of magnetic valve, that is triggered by pulse.
To explain what I'm looking for: "ordinary" magnetic valves are kept open while current is flowing through. So, keeping this kind of valve open for a while is wery power consuming, especialy if running on a battery. That's why I am looking for a special valve, that requires only a pulse to open, and then another pulse to close. This are used in "real" life (by Claber for example) for wattering sistems...


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