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If anyone's looking for well-priced seeds (herbs, fruits, veggies, etc.), I found a nice seller on eBay:


I just ordered some catnip and basil from them, and they combine shipping too.  It's 1.75 USD for shipping for unlimited amounts of seeds.  It's cool cause most of them are only 99 cents for a couple hundred seeds too!

I know this sounds like I'm the person selling and I'm advertising, but I'm not, I just really like this guy's prices :).


@Odisej:  Thanks for the reply about your window set up.  Try searching for 'latching solenoid valve' and 'bistable solenoid valve'

A few possibilities:

Hope that helps


Thanks for this! I didn't know the english term, so I just knew I need to look for a kind of solenoid :) I'll try ordering some and then again...rewrite the code  8-)



I updated my source code here: http://github.com/nemik/arduinoponics

I put in a relay for AC power to turn some lights on and off as Chicago isn't getting much sun these days.
Right now there is a cron script on the router than turns the lights on every morning at 5:30 and turns them off at 21:00. The toggling of the lights has also been added as a button on the OpenWRT admin menu.


For anyone interested in a system aimed at hydroponic gardening, I've created a project called 'Wireplant'. Pictures, code, schematics, and a full description of features is available at www.wireplant.com


Odisej due you have your code posted some where. I am doing a green house but using car power windows motors and rails to slide the vents open when it gets to hot



I believe my code won't be any good to you, as it isn't written in english and would be extremly hard to understand. Besides, I think I don't even have the hardware part written down anywhere. Too many wires :(
But at the moment I am developing a new version for this spring, but I still need a few weeks to comlete...



I'm considering building either a growth box, or a small greenhouse for growing citrus during the winter here in Germany. Thank you for all the ideas! I want to add something: How about sensing plant growth and health via determination of chlorophyll fluorescence? This should be quite easy. All you need is a strong LED emitting at 425 nm, a photosensor (better a CCD), and a 685 ± 20 nm bandpass filter. The programm would run at night to circumvent disturbance by ambient light. The LED is lit and the CCD records the amount of emitted photons at 685 nm. The more leaves the plants in the growth box produce, the more photons the CCD should record.

Chlorophyll spectrum:

What do you think about this?



PS: I'm a biologist. Ask me anything. ;)

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