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Hi... I am having difficulty reading the mlx90615 sensor... Nothing I do seems to produce output.  (P.S. I'm wiring it the same way as was described for the 90614.)  I'm using 2 different duemilanove just to make sure either one works - with arduino v18. I also have 2 90615 sensors.

For wiring, I'm using 4.7k pullup resistors on mlx90615 leads 1 and 2 going to analog pins 5 & 4, a cap across the 2 leads 3 & 4), and using the 3.3v supply from the duemilanove. Grounds are tied.

I'm using the sample code and library from Fluery - i2cmaster, but after the setup up, it stalls after executing  i2c_rep_start(dev+I2C_READ);

Has anyone been able to get this to work - and/or can help guide to me to solve this perplexing problem.  I would really appreciate it.


Shoot - I just read the mlx90615 datasheet and they changed the pins!!!

So I rewired the thing:
mlx90615 lead 1 -> sda pin4
                       -> 4.7k -> 3.3v
              lead 2 -> .1uf -> grnd
              lead 3 -> scl pin5
                       -> 4.7k -> 3.3v
              lead 4 -> vss/3.3v

Still stuck at init...

check out this site for me it worked  http://wiki.wiring.co/wiki/Connecting_Infrared_Thermometer_MLX90614_to_Wiring/es


code plsss ? where is the code ?

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