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Hi all,

I've got a program that records data to an SD file every time an interrupt is received and the event handler calls its function.  The called function consists of a few Serial.print and data.print commands, and when there isn't a card inserted, things work fine.  However, when I insert the card, the program just halts.

I'm using the sparkfun.com microDC shield with the SdFat.h library under Arduino 0023.


That's very interesting.
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I'm using the sparkfun.com microDC shield with the SdFat.h library under Arduino 0023.
Thanks for including this detail.

I have noticed in the past that this shield seems to reset the Arduino when an SD card is inserted--I'm not sure why.

You could try contacting SparkFun tech support via email.


P.S. My *assumption* is that something is being shorted when the card is being inserted--perhaps related to a "card present" pin--in which case I'd be tempted to look for a trace to cut if SF tech support can't help.


I solved the problem.  The issue was that I'm stacking Arduinos in an I2C arrangement, and the SD shield was connected through to both master and slave Arduinos.  Once I cut the connections and passed control of the SD shield to the master only, the problem vanished.

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