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I wasn't quite sure of what the button did at first, so I thought it'd be best to keep the Arduino separate from the garage opener remote.

Turns out, all the button does is connect the circuit to ground ( battery -- ). I'm actually curious as to why they place the switch between the radio electronics and ground, instead of between Vdd and the electronics. Doesn't matter since this is DC?

I might try to run everything off the 12v battery, with a voltage regulator for the Arduino. That way I'd get common ground and could use a MOSFET as a switch?

Thanks for the tips!


You can tie the ground of the 12V to the ground of the Arduino. Then you can drive a MOSFET (like the BS170, at 29 cents a pop) to open/close the 12V circuit. You'll also want a resistor from pinout to gate, and another resistor from gate to ground (to make sure it turns off under all circumstances). At 5 cents each, you're still looking at a BOM under half a dollar :-)

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