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Nick Gammon

hello nick gammon....thanks for information provided but i need to know what the controller board, which you have used to support the rover 5 is called as...because the doing a project with arduino and planning to buy the rover 5 for my project...

The link above would have led you to it, but here is the controller:


No doubt there are non-Australian suppliers as well.


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Nice to see another Rover 5 :) I bought one a couple of weeks ago. I've managed to write a sketch that lets me remote control it through a Nrf24L01 wireless module. I'm using the Mega1280 based Dagu red back spider controller and motor controller. Power comes from a 2 cell lipo battery.  Here's a video of mine:


I also have the version with 4 encoders/motors, but don't really have a clue what to do with the encoders  :~

Nick Gammon

I also have the version with 4 encoders/motors, but don't really have a clue what to do with the encoders  :~

Very cute!

I'm not using the encoders right now, but what you could do with them is find how far it has gone. For example, you put out "full power" but you don't know whether, after 3 seconds, you have gone one foot or five. Reading the encoder data back would tell you how much the wheels have moved. Off course that doesn't take into account the wheels slipping.


I heard of one guy using the guts of an optical mouse, in a sumobot.
He simply detected if he was moving backwards while he was driving the wheels forward and acted on it.

This might help overcome the slippery surface issues.



hello everyone...i am doing a project which has three sensors, which when detects anything moves in other direction. For these work i am planning to going with rover 5 and also going with encoder compatible board(nick as suggested) but i guess i need some help with stuff....new for these kind of stuff...

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