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I'm proud to introduce the rfid 13.56MHz shield !!
I'm using a serial module for myfare cards communication.

First i needed to create a shied for max232 because the mifare didn't communicate with arduino serial (thanks uwefed for the suggestion). And I used this schematics.

After then i developing a test program, for now when a mifare card is near the module the test led will blink.

The card is an "leNord Itinero", is a ticket for train, and is a mifare 1k card.

I will release other information when all is working well.
Someone is interested to project? any idea of develop? the advantage is form 125khz card is because you can store up to 4kb of data into card divided in few password procetected sectors.


don't receive comments is so demotivating .. :(


Yeah, I know the feeling.  

Your project is cool, well done.  I really like the idea of RFID but I don't quite know what I'd use it for - what will you do with your rig?


they are a lot of project but all based on 125Khz, and it's a raeadonly rfid.
This type permit you to store data into card and give a stronger security and anti-cloning functionality.
For now i haven't a project to implement it, but they are a lot of variants.


I hadn't realised RFID was that robust.  I wonder how secure my one for this building is..

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