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Funky Diver

What is the maximum free air space range of this?

I am hoping to see if the Receiver Antenna could be integrated into the base of hte drivers seat, with the RFID tag in, say, a wallet in pants pocket providing driver identity.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I have JUST found a use for RFID... namely in a car to detect "who" is sitting in the driving seat.  The ultimate aim is to be able to tailor the interior mood lighting, seat position, window settings (I ALWAYS drive with the window 3" open at least and my wife doesn't) and a few other things (non-critical) car related all controlled via ARduino.


What is the maximum free air space range of this?

i thik is about one inc. Some seller said better values, but it always wrong.

Now i paused the project beacause I haven't time, but i will complete as soon as!



you can get 1-2cm reading distance in free air, nothing more when keeping the transmission power within the legal limits...
but with a lot off power you could get something around 1m

for distance you need UHF tags, they go easily to 5m with a tag the size of a credit card...

Funky Diver

D2k2... I'm thinking of an automotive application, where a "chip" is held on the person in something that triggers the immobiliser.  Get out of the car, and the car is immobilised (with a 5 minute time delay of course)

The receiver could be hidden anywhere where it's not obvious (under roof lining, etc)


that would be an UHF tag, but the readers are more expensive there... (around 250? for the skyetek m9 for example)

but they are also a lot smarter, quite all can tell you the signal strenght to the tag, what is also related to its distance from the antenna. so you could estimate if you aproach the car or leaving it  ::)


what about your project? It is going on? I've found  some chip
I'd like to develop a shield for my arduino2009 reading a mifare 1k serial number and then use it with a pc connected with arduino.
First I have to buy my rfid mifare reader but I'm a bit confused on what reader buy.

Tanks in advance


The two chip are
this chip:
but I don't know what is better buying.


they look about the same from the specs...

look at the protocols, and take the one whats easier for you to implement  ;)


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I love the project. Most rfid cards in use today are Mifare. Oyster is a good example.

Can I ask where you got the card reader form and if you have a part number thanks. (Sorry i missed your 2nd post.)

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