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I have an Arduino controlled motion activated camera that I use to photograph big furry critters. I'd like to lure some coyotes, bobcats, etc. to the camera with mp3 tracks of prey distress calls (e.g., a rabbit screeching).

I could use some advice on hardware options for playing mp3's with an Arduino. Ideally, the mp3 player would hold a few different files, and the Arduino could tell it which files to play. Also I'd like to be able to hook the player up to external speakers and make a decent amount of noise.

I have an ipod Nano that I could use, but I'm not sure how tricky it would be to both power it and control it through the single power/remote control port it has.

Thanks a lot for any help.


Buy an MP3 shield, and you should manage to get it to work:


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Thanks for the links. I think I'll go ahead and get one of the shields and fiddle with it.  I just saw this link on how to control an ipad with arduino:

Not sure which route is easier. Also not sure which would be easier to amplify and play off speakers.



No Don't leave your ipad with the critters, use a dispensable cheap mp3 shield instead. ;)
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


It may even be possible to buy a very cheap MP3-player and hack/control its switches with an arduino.
Having a good solder iron with small tip will be important though.


Thanks for the help. I gotta admit, after reading the comments for the mp3 shields and the amplifiers over on Sparkfun, it makes this look like a pain for someone at my electronics skill level. Since I don't have much time to work things out, so I may just run an ipod and speakers off a big SLA battery, then figure the mp3 shield out when I have more time.

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