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I made this little project, so I can reuse my own code in an other project of mine: Castduino. http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,71543.0.html

I just shows time on only 1 SURE3208 matrix display. Because I wanted to use the HT1632 library, I had to make my own font, otherwise hour, minutes and seconds wouldn't fit on the 32x08 leds matrix. So I did and made an 6 high and 3 width font.

This is how it looks:


*this is the link to my project page: http://www.jo3ri.be/a/jo3ri.be/jo3ri/arduino/arduino-projects/sure3208-ntp-clock, where you can download the zip file, containing the sketch and the special font. You'll need the complete zip file.

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I've downloaded and unziped the code into my Arduino library folder.  When I try to
compile it, it complains that setTime() -- in the SetTime.ino file -- has not been declared.
It also reports that "hour", "minute", and "second" in the SetClock.ino file have not
been declared.

It appears you are using a web service to get the current time.  Is there a way to 
disable the time setting function so I can manually set the time.  I tried
commenting out "SetTime()" in the main loop and it crashes.

I like the app as it is simple and straight forward but I am not connected
to the net.  I'm using a Arduino UNO...



OK, you can ignore the comment regarding undeclared variables.  Seems I was missing
the Time.h file.  Got it now and it compiles... Will try to manually set time.


You can set time manually, but it won't be easy to get it right  ;)

If you check the playground for the Time library:

Code: [Select]


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