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Hello Everyone

I am a 360 degree shoe photographer. We rotate products and photo them many times to create
spins for the web. we currently turn the disc by hand.
We have built a nice machine - but have had lots of trouble driving the stepper motor.
If anyone has had experience with driving motors - and can pop down to our studio in london
please click on this link to read our brief with photos.
i look forward to hearing from you - thanks james



How many steps per rev is the motor?  I did exactly this on a 1 metre diameter clock face a few years ago, and without microstepping the motor or using a large gear ratio, it was impossible to get a smooth ramp accel/decel motion. The other thing I did was to use one index position and then do all the rest by counting step pulses.


North of the river at this time of night?
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are you stilling looking for help with this?

I have already built 'duino interfaces for the various parts you need:
a) stepper motor
b) camera trigger

if you're driving the stepper correctly you don't need a sensor
so then the flash won't interfere!

what photo kit do you use?
I'm a Canon man, but I will talk to Nikonites!

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HI, i´m doing 360 photography but can´t afford a comercial turntable. I´ve arduino nano, and zero programing skill, if some one has got a good result building the automated turntable, maybe can help me.

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