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Great project, tried it and it work right away.
Thanks man. ;)


Hello World!
Hello Ludo!

I'm in to build a controler like this with a x/y touchpad, a poti, two buttons but without the lcd display. :)

My problem is i got no experience in coding for the arduino and need help to change your code to my conditions! :-/

The Poti should be connected to Analog in 1 and the Buttons to 2/3.

The Midi routing should be locked to channel1 and the following notes:

X:           CC01
Y:           CC03
Poti:        CC05
Button 1: CC07
Button 2: CC09

I will be so thankfull if anybody can help me!

greetz chris tall

sry for my bad english i'm german :-)


Hi ChrisTall,

Would you like to send me your email address in a private message. I'll send you the modified code.
However it's pretty simple. All you have to do is to remove all LCD code and to add a POTCC in the spirit of XCC. Don't hesitate to understand how this work by navigating in this website.


Here some Pictures of my project!

The case is an old C64 Joystick!

The Synaptics Touchpad and the 10k Poti.
The blue border will be changed against a alu plate.

The inside without the taster, power led, wiring and the arduino duemilanove.

Lobo u got post!




This is great,

I have little experience in this so need some help.

I have an xy pad and a button and need help wiring it up to arduino and getting them to transmit midi.

Midi messages should be:
X - CC12
Y - CC13
Button - CC95

any help would be extremely appreciated



Hi, I'm italian (sorry for writing mistakes) and not experienced in electronics, and I need a big help to transform xy touchscreen digits in midi messages to send to a Korg Kaosspad through a midi cable. If you know the Korg Kaosspad, what I mean it's like a remote touch pad connected with a midi cable and, like the touchscreen on the Korg, the pad should be backlighted with led that change colour moving the finger on it.
When I saw the arduino I thought that could be a step beyond to the solution. Am I wrong?
Please let me know if it's possible and, if it is, how to assemble the whole thing.

A BIG thank you



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Alright. I've got a Synaptics touchpad here out of a Dell Inspiron 1100, and I'm not sure which pins are the SDA/SCL pins...There are 6 pins - 1 I have found is GROUND, two are for the buttons ('B1' and 'B2'), and the rest must be SDA, SCL, and +5V. Can anyone help me out here as to what is what? Thanks!


My sneaking suspicion is that the pin right next to GND is +5V...maybe


That's probably correct, or on the other side of the connector... Touchpads can vary massively though so the other pins will not be easy to find without a bit of trial and error...


Yup. My assumptions were correct!


Hello, sorry to bring this back to life, but I was looking for this info and this is the forum that kept comming up in my search (because somone else was asking for this information), I cant find it anywhere else so I figured it out with trial and error. I hate being the only one to benifit from this sort of thing, so here it is:

This is the pinout for a TSM9920-20 Rev. N touch pad. other lables are Cirque 9920




Hello World,

VERY NICE JOB !! Congratulations for this wonderful realization.

For my knowledge which kind of microcontroller do you use ?

I would you like also to realise this touchpad but have you got the BOM list ( Bill of material ) I did not find it ( maybe I written to fast )

Thank you in advance



is there anyway to make it clear to noobs like me the following:
is all synaptics the same with wiring?
if not is it an analysis pr found pad or is there some generelisation?
can someone please make a site at someplace with a tutorial
- i am planning to combine this technology with an paperduino (in my project not on paper but using the same BOM) a touch pad and custom casing to let a diy musician club enterntain themselves for an evening :-)

if one of you guys make a tutorial ile put it up on my rather visited blog (more than one spiderman pr day)

well anyway answers would be nice!
b-well! ;)

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