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I'll apologize in advance if this question has already been addressed in the forums. I did some keyword searches, but could not find any responses...

I am doing some experimenting with the HC-06 and the Arduino/Leonardo. I have the basic setup working to a terminal emulator on my PC (Tera Term). I would like to go one step further now and have the Leonard/HC-06 communicate with a PC application like Word, Notepad or a web browser.

In short, I'd like to develop a program/sketch where I have the Leonardo/HC-06 function like a Bluetooth keyboard. Is that possible, or is the HC-06 limited to talking to only a terminal emulator?



Simple answer is this will not work as the HC-06 module firmware is probably loaded with a SSP stack (Simple Serial Protocol) and a keyboard/mouse needs a HID stack (Human Interface Device).
IIRC some BT modules can can be configured as HID but I have never used one so cannot help there.
Another way you could maybe do it is have a small program running on the PC that reads the serial key commands and then injects them into a process.
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