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more than another month has passed meanwhile -
why the heck isn't it going on with the Tre?


has the Arduino Tre been dropped? Not listed on products page any longer!


now has the TRE vanished or not? Why is there no reply by the devs?


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I think you are flogging a dead horse with this ;-) ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flogging_a_dead_horse )

Find yourself another Linux board even if it doesn't have a built in microcontroller, as I'm sure you can find a microcontroller add one for virtually all small linux boards
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rubbish - or do you provide the appropriate Arduino IDE for this "Linux board even if it doesn't have a built in microcontroller" ?

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has the Arduino Tre been dropped? Not listed on products page any longer!


Arduino TRE, the first Arduino board manufactured in the U.S.

Thanks to the 1-GHz Sitara AM335x processor, Arduino developers get up to 100 times more performance with the Sitara-processor-based TRE than they do on the Arduino Leonardo or Uno. This performance opens the doors to more advanced Linux-powered applications. The Sitara-processor-based Linux Arduino can run high-performance desktop applications, processing-intensive algorithms or high-speed communications
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More info:


well, the  TRE has vanished from the product page https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Products where it had been listed and tagged as "coming soon" since more than 2 years, that was the original level of knowledge so far.


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ps, update...
Massimo Banzi just wrote this morning, as a reply to a question:

q2dg commented :
I really don't wanna be rude and I know it's very offtopic but I must say it: I think there is a really big problem with communication between Arduino Team and community. I know, I know there are urgent and unpleasant legal problems to solve these days but...

*Where is a official note saying TRE is not dead, is only paused until xxx?? Here is the first notice I have about this change of state. The only thing I only knew until now was this board dissappeared one day misteriously as if nobody cared. No news. Any.
*Where is a note saying Leonardo is not dead, is paused until xxx?? (as I remember having read from you somewhere).
*Where is a note saying something about what happened to the Yún shield???
*Where is a note saying when will Wifi Shield 101 be available?? Is it so difficult to know?? At least the documentation....

I know you are in a very difficult time, but some little informative notes on web don't hurt and could calm doubts. The general feeling is the project is lurching.

Moreover, another communication problem I detect is the board design decisions aren't justified to community prior to final state and fabrication. For instance: Why Shield 101 lacks microSD slot former Shield had? Why it doesn't has a U.FL (or similar) connector? Etc. And, also, future designs you are on...why don't you open them to discussion? For instance: How do you propose the (supposedly predicted) SAM-D21 breakout ?? Which will be the (supposed) improvement of "new" Leonardo's? Do you think is worthy deprecate GSM Shield in favour of a 3G's one (due to future 2G shutdown) or not??. Etc. Etc."
mbanzi commented
"I dunno if you followed the recent Arduino issues but we have been a bit busy with a few legal issues that are annoying but tend to waste our time.
In addition to this we have been also busy re-booting our manufacturing efforts. We're now making Arduino boards in the USA for the US market and shipping more and more every day.

Looking at our product line we decided to pause some efforts and to remove some products because we prefer to concentrate on some products moving forward.
I believe I've discussed this and the logic behind it in a message on the developer mailing list.

This is not the forum to discuss Arduino products and we don't want to spam the rest of the devs with this.

At maker faire NY i'll provide an update on many of the items you bring up "


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So it is paused or removed according to his reply. Nothing new.


If this is not the forum to discuss products, then which one is? This the oficial forum at it has given support to many users, community that supports comunity, we deserve to know whats going on.


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those quotes were taken from the github issues repository.

because first the TRE was announced and listed on the boards page, then there were 2 beta tests, then it was stalling, then it was suddenly removed from the boards page, secretly and quietly, without any information about future aspects, the TRE appeared to be completely abandonded. Just because I asked in the github repository about a substitute ARM board surprisingly Massimo Banzi indicated the TRE as just paused, not canceled.


Well, the good thing about Open Source is that the design files are available and anyone else could go ahead and make their own... except that the design files are often not published by Arduino for these "Open Source" projects.

At the end of the day, we only have what Arduino gives us, and if that is not enough, we must go somewhere else. To be honest, Arduino have been very stretched in terms of resources for some time even without the legal disputes, and they don't make much use of the development resource from the community, which still needs management of course.

Only commercial partners like Adafruit etc have the resource to make and support Arduino products without involving Arduino team too deeply. This is really the crux of the dispute with arduino.org, who insist on keeping hardware development in house. Hopefully, arduino.cc can now reposition to act as an umbrella for the Arduino ecosystem and more freely farm out developments like Tre.

But for now, and for linux, a Raspberry pi + Arduino is probably best solution, although it lacks the friendly IDE of Arduino.

You might also have a look at UDOO Neo, which has a dual core CPU with Linux running on one core, and the other a Cortex M4 running Arduino sketches, although they will have same compatibility problems as Zero and Due, since they are not AVR architecture. I backed the Kickstarter and hopefully they will be shipping soon.

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Dont forget about the Yun, not as powerful as raspy but has an onboard avr, wifi and draws little power and it has linux.


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I personally just use Arduino because of the friendly IDE and API embracing the whole project and program code (with drawbacks e.g. for stdio.h usage and Arduino DUE USB keyb host), so this IDE  is indispensable.

And I need lots of IOs, so at least a Mega or DUE pinout is required.

Yun or {RaspPi+Arduino} again would need separate Linux usage for the ARM cpu (CMIIW), so this is no option to me.

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