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I  guess the analog is the PB0/AIN0/D9

That is one of the two inputs to the analog comparator. 

Code: [Select]
sensVal = analogRead(sensPin); // READS sensor, 

If you are using this core...
...zero is always returned.

Thank you.

yes  I am using  this cores


you mean that analog input does not work?

on the   core pin s file
seems like there is analog port  as  PIN_A0  (3)
been trying to read a sensor and turn an led but doe snot work
any help is really apreciated ,  how can I read a sensor   from this  2313 chip.


Coding Badly

you mean that analog input does not work?

The processor does not have an analog-to-digital converter (ADC).  So, yes, analog input does not work.

how can I read a sensor   from this  2313 chip.

Two things come to mind...

1. Add an external ADC.

2. Atmel has a whitepaper describing how to mimic an ADC using the analog comparator.  It requires some external components (I think two).  If you're interested, I'll try to find a link.


THANK  you.

I been  editing the  core pins
but now that you are saying that analog input is not supported 

yea I will be interested in find out how to add a sensor

Coding Badly



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Coding Badly

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