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I got some RGB LEDs with LPD1101 chips, I cant control them the right way, i searched for a datasheet for this IC to understand how it works, but I found nothing,, I found a library for LPD8806, it working good but the green LEDs flashing all the time ... just like it flash every clock received .

Could somebody help me understand how this chips work ?

Thank all


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Have you seen this?

I found a library for LPD8806, it working good but the green LEDs flashing all the time

So you found a library for another chip, having the green LED flash all the time is not what I call working good.

You can find some sample code here:-


I mean by working good that i can get some color playing.. lol..

I have checked the both links before.. but still doesn't help..

any other suggestions ?


Are you saying that the arduino library linked to on the hackaday site dosn't work?
Lots of comments seem to say otherwise.


This lib for HL1606 chip, not for my one, I am still cannot control my leds ..
Also this HL1606 chip uses a Latch pin, my chip just have data & clock !


I didn't find a datasheet for LPD1101 but I've read in a post in the net that it's a successor of the LPD6803 so you can try driving the LPD1101 as LPD6803.

There should be differences between LPD6803 and HL1606 SPI protocol as well in the color encoding.

HL1606 datasheet:

LPD6803 datasheet:
an LPD6803 discussion I've just found:

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