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That's such a great project. I love the fact it can be interactive - it really adds to the fun.

Any plans for a new version? I love the low res photo example on the Peggy on the Evil Mad Scientist site. If you could dim the LED's you could hook it up to a webcam for low res portraits of people as they passed.


Wow, that is amazing!
Who had to solder all of those LEDs, you or Sarah?


Mrnick1234567: We got 16-level grey(green)scale video working on it. We can play video through it and we can also run a video camera into it through a computer. We've taken a break from working on it after taking it to about 3 large events. We had some Java issues on the old Mac we were using to run video at the last event, which was really annoying. It would run just fine until we turned our back on it.  :o

Pauly: We both soldered them! We drilled 1800 holes for the leads so they wouldn't touch, then put stickers over each set of holes, painted the board, removed the stickers, drilled holes in 900 ping-pong balls, put an LED in each set of holes, put a tight ring of silicone caulk around each LED, pushed a ping-pong ball onto each LED so it went in the hole in the ball, bent all the leads at an angle so row and column wires wouldn't touch, put strips of wood under where the wires would be so they REALLY couldn't short, then soldered 1800 leads! Then we still had to solder all the wires to connect to the "brain" and connect the two halves.

We got pretty good at soldering quickly and well. It's where I developed my "solder finger" technique of wrapping solder around a finger-tip so you can have a soldering iron in one hand, stabilize a wire or component with several of the fingers on the other hand, and feed solder in with the remaining finger. Don't burn yourself, though!


Cool, shame the mac gave up on you! Love to see some video of it sometime.


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