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Do u know how to program with an Arduino as ISP?
If u can upload with an Arduino as ISP, then you can narrow at least narrow down the problem.


1. I'm not seeing pull-up resistor on reset pin. It is keeping reset pin high during normal operation.
2. Both GND and VCC, AVCC must be used for power. Should be good to have a decoupling capacitors 0.1uF.
3. Convertor seems to be connected right. Anyway, are you sure that Rx means Rx and not to be connected to Rx of host device? It is more close to Tx LED and same with Tx. If the problem will persist, try to cross these.
4. Are you sure about reset cap value? 1k63 looks for me like 1.63nF, not 100nF. Same with crystal capacitors 22pF. Just to be sure.
Arduino clone with 1284P


I put a resistor from 5V to reset and it WORKS!!! Thank you gus thank you very much !!!

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