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Is there a way to choose between isp and bootloader methods for uploading sketches to arduino boards yet other than editing a file buried away in a folder?

i need to be able to choose between uploading via serial to a board with a bootloader and ftdi, and another without using the icsp header and a usbtinyisp. but its a pain to have to go into the settings file and change bootloader to usbtinyisp (or watever), upload and change it back again.

would be nice and easy to do it inside the IDE as if changing port or board..


Create a new boards.txt file in a folder named 'hardware' in your Arduino sketch folder.  In that file put a new board definition that matches the target board.  Add to that board definition: "upload.using=USBtinyISP".  That should override the default in 'preferences.txt'.
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or i can just use 'upload using programmer' in the file menu <.<
derp >.<

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