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Jul 03, 2010, 03:22 am Last Edit: Jul 03, 2010, 03:26 am by DeFex Reason: 1
I am porting this code to work on a "midivox" shield. it will have a few less features, but i should be able to squeeze most of it in there. (back to onboard wavetables as well).

Ill try and keep the controls down to 16, because most of the cheapo MIDI controllers have 16 knobs on them.

then you can have an accurately tuned cool sounding wavetable synth oscillator with 12 bit output for just the price of ardiono 2009 + midivox
Or optionally with "doublewide shield" + "mux shield" it could have its own controls.



I like you project and it sound great.

Can't wait about your smaller version for the midivox.
it would be great to learn wavetable oscillators


Aug 28, 2010, 04:24 am Last Edit: Aug 28, 2010, 04:52 am by DeFex Reason: 1
quite a lot has been done, It has become quite the project, which i thought was worthwhile making in to a proper useable prototype in a modular synthesizer.

I have made a new board with switches and a MAX7221 LED driver to display the wavetable and bank numbers, as well as some indicator LEDs
The MAX chip only uses 3 lines, and the switch multiplexer uses the same counter lines from the pot multiplexors, and 3 more digital inputs.
2 of the switches on the switch panel are grayhill hexadecimal output 16 way machanical switches, they are very nice but the price is  :o (lucky i found some on ebay!) that way i can select the wavetables and output a proper number to the MAX chip and see what the hell is going on! When i was using a pot to select the wavetable sometimes it would be halfway between 2 values and glitch all over the place as it switched between them.

(and i can use this same board for an arduino based sequencer or drum machine as well, so i made a few)


populated  and added to the monster arduino project

New panel properly drilled, but with no labels. the labels are photoshopped on(except those stickers lol)
sorry big pic

back. mostly wired

The 3 unused knobs are for the analog mod inputs which are not implemented yet, and for another LFO control which i haven't finished (i put the knob on once its working!)

I did do some work on the MIDIVOX version, and it is making noise, but i have to mess about with the code because the serial DAC is hogging too much processor time.



Hi Defex,

I'm interested to view your code of the first prototype with 2 wavetable , ADSR, Wavetable mix and a pwm output.
i wanted to try similar project and it could be very interesing to see your first code to learn from beginning. (your actual  project code is very complex i think.)



old version is here



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