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A friend of mine just started a Podcast about Arduino hacks. Showing what they've done and how they did it.. Take a look at the teaser showing a RC Car controlled by a wii balance board, a wii gyro controller and the touch interface of an iPhone. All done by Arduino and 50 lines of ruby code. Pretty funny watching him ride the RC Car with the balance board ;-)

the teaser: http://hardcode.tv

Digg story: http://digg.com/hardware/RC_car_controlled_by_the_iPhone_touch_screen/


Yeah, Its cool. I wanted to know how to do this. Can you get the code so i can try it out for myself... thanks


I agree, code would be great but an Instructable would be better  ;D


just watched it, pretty cool. do these guys have a website along with their podcast?
probably use parts of their video for a presentation i'm planning on next barcamp in bangkok. really creative idea.


Featured on Hack N Mod a few days ago:



Hi there.

Just came across the same project an I am deeply interested in building it. Did anyone find out how to do it, or found a similar instructable? Please post a link!

Thank you!


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Those 50 lines of code i would like to see  :)

Actually i would like to see the Arduino code... i never got my Arduino working to generate a nice PPM stream while being able to update the Channels via Serial connection to the PC.

Do those guys have a webpage with code? The show on the Podcast looks good, but i would say: Show Soure Code or it did never happened  ;)

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