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Hello I am new here. I am a choreographer and dance teacher, I encouraged the youth and children's problems. I would like to make a dance show with lights on the clothes and music. In most examples I've seen here that the lights permanently to each sound people. I would like but it shines only in a certain moment and then shuts off times shorter and longer times that specially choreographed the whole show on it.

That means that I will have a song and looking at the 0:55 seconds the light on for 4 seconds and then off again for 10 seconds and so on.

Now my question is there for a special program / ??software at the same place the music where I can already see and above. Or do I have to enter everything by hand and figure out what would be very difficult and takes time. I've seen for Christmas lights, there is apparently such programs together for the music?

I would be very glad for your help and the children would also be glad huge Who can I give them a special day :)


If you need to exactly-choreograph the lighting, it needs to be done manually (or semi-automatically), or the lighting program needs to be programmed into the same computer as the music, so that it can be synchronized.

There is standard for theatre lighting control called DMX.  You can buy DMX controllers and DMX lighting, but I've never used it and I'm not sure how easy it is to duplicate the protocol (or something similar) with a microcontroller.

You can make the lighting respond to the music automatically, say... flash to the beat, or flash/sequence faster as the music gets louder, etc.  But, you can't really count on the lighting doing the exact same thing every time the same music is played.   For something like that, you can run the sound into an analog input (perhaps first through an amplifier, precision rectifier, filter, peak detector, etc.).


So from what I understand, you want "lights on the clothes". Do you want them to be synchronized to each other or to the music? How many children? If many children, then Arduino for each child would get expensive. 

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