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lol sorry if i'm coming out of nowhere, but where did you stumble on those part's you showed in your first post? i'm looking for an inexpensive gyro or accelerometer... i'm on a budget lol



See this: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11217504&postcount=20


Thanks for the paper, interesting reading!

I had to use some high pass filter for my gyro because not only does it need to be calibrated at the start, it will drift slowly due to temperature, voltage changes. If you have a better quality gyro, it might not be a huge problem.

As far as the sampling is concerned, I think the number of samples is less important than how long you sample. So your method is probably better, I was lazy so I used a simple for loop!



I think you are right about the gyro quality, I have used a different one in our FRC group and it does drift.  In fact it also features a temperature output - which seems like a useless thing, but I suppose it could be used to calculate a temperature-compensation value.


There is another paper in the DIY Segway project about using gyro and accelerometer together to improve accuracy, without sacrificing speed or needing to compensate for drift.  Both high-pass and low-pass filters are used, in something he calls a 'complementary filter'.

Go to http://web.mit.edu/first/segway/#misc, click on Technical Documentation, download the segspecs.zip file, open filters.pdf.


Here is my Visual Studio 2005 project which interfaces the Arduino to Flight Simulator X, to control the cockpit camera - pitch, roll, and rotation.

It communicates with FSX using SimConnect which is supplied on the FSX SDK - that is found on the FSX Deluxe CD.  

http://www.sunsys.net/arduino_images/Cockpit Camera.zip

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