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the problem that I have with the ardweeny and solorbotics in general is that there is a $10 or something charge for orders under $35 i almost bought the ardweeny but that left a bad taste in my mouth

Was this recently? Because at their "shipping conditions" page:


They state that there is a handling fee of $5.00 for orders under $30.00; I don't consider that terrible - more of an "incentive" to purchase at least $30.00. I can see it from a business point of view; with the margins on products sold being only so big, you can easily start losing money on overhead. They've run their numbers, and so in order to keep their prices lower (than competition presumably), they have to charge a handling fee on small orders to cover what would be made up "on the margin" in a larger order. They can either do that, reduce overhead (aka, fire employees), or raise prices across their product line.

I hope that made sense...

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i understand that but after the $5 and shipping one of them was going to be just over $20 and that wasnt worth it in my eyes

Funky Diver

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Just to chip in... Jason from The Makerspace has confirmed that he will ship international, just not via the googleshop on the site.

For shipping quotes, just hit the contact button with your details and destination country and he'll sort it out for you... and very quickly too!!

Shipping to the UK works out at $13.45, which I think is VERY reasonable.  Some US companies really take the rip shipping overseas.  I once had a quote of $73 for three ft of macroline, which is a) not heavy b) not bulky and C) would fit into an envelope (a little one at that!!)


How would you breadboard the picoduino? Put jumper wires through the holes? I can't decide which one I think is better: the picoduino or the ardweeny.

If you used those in projects, would you also need to buy/make a voltage regulator?


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Yes, You need to buy/make a voltage regulator like this the breadboard voltage regulator as there is no voltage regulator on board.

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