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No I'm not talking about the arduino supplied library files and the directory they are stored in. I'm talking about users and 3rd party libraries that are required/recommended to be stored in a directory named libaries located in the users sketch directory.

I'm afraid I'm lost all over again. I guess without seeing a windows explorer type directory printout showing all the folder names and their structure I just don't get the big picture. Not your fault, it's not you it's me. 

I don't how to help you. In my system, I use the 022 version. I call my main folder : Arduino_UNO, the libraries are into "libraries"
and inside that folder, all the libraries into a folder system. And inside the particular library folder, in include : examples folder, a h file and a c file. The h file is use in the line : #include <mylib.h>.  So when you install a user library, just do it "manualy". 

1. Unzip the files
2. Inside "libraries" folder, created a folder for the library, and inside the new folder, created a folder name examples if it is   

3. Copy & Paste - C&P the C and H files and examples if any.

4. Test the code with the new library. If it is compile, it work...

Here a picture of my Ardiuno folder and it sub-folders


Yea, I got it through my head finally. By having two separate arduino sketch folder path locations, one for V22 and one for V1.0, each one can contain their own libraries and hardware folders as well as sketches. It's just a matter of selecting the proper sketch folder location path, using the preference command, when the IDE version of choice is first opened.

Thanks for the help on this.


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