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Mike Mc

Potentiometrs would have been cheaper ;) But not as cool.

Is it possible to connect the TFT screens to the Arduino? has anyone done that?


Yes potentiometers would not have been as cool...

Anyway I used the DS touch screen because I had one lying around... I only did the project to find it a use,,,

As far as I know, the DS LCD screens themselves have not been connected to the arduino but it should be possible with another board including ram and another IC like they have on the arduino touch shields... You would probably have to make it yourself though and unfortunately I do not have that much expertise...

Btw, if you want to comment on any other projects I could do or take a look at the pile of stuff I have then please look at:



Mike Mc


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I've just recently been altering some code to make it a bit better (not finished yet) so I will post one in a day or so...

I am going to alter this to use with the BlinkM MaxM when I get mine in a week or so, maybe I will wait till then for a video...



Hello - This is very cool. Is there a way to get an smaller size?

I'm currently using 1 potentiometer for a project but I would like add the "cool factor" and replace the potentiometer with an small touchscreen (2x5cm inch aprox) and some square leds behind to show the position?

The DS screen would be big for what I need so is there any other thing I can use and not necessarily a touchscreen per say?


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