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I'm a woodturner who is frustrated by the fact that the turning process is extremely dynamic - and the results are STATIC.  Incorporating an Arduino into turnings opens up the ability to add light, internal light - and sound - as well as interactivity - without actualy physical contact - important if the turned object is delicate and fragile.

My first experimentation with Arduinos and turnings started out merely as an investigation into possibilities and ended up as an interesting three part piece that conveys something about each of the three sisters who inspired the set.

Here's the link to the details, including FRITZ illustration, the sketches that drive them and details of how things are put together.


Comments, questions, suggestions welcomed.

charlie b


A very verbose writeup!

I like the idea of making, as you say, 'static' wooden items into more interactive ones - especially the fact they sense a shadow falling over them. Are you using a whole board or a simplified version?

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