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I wanted to announce my music synthesizer shield project on kickstarter.com.

This is based on the SAM2195 by Dream.  I have seen many individuals comment on wishing this would be integrated into a shield design--now you can actually get one.    You simply pipe midi information over the serial port and you have fantastic sounding music and sound effects.

All of the design files will ultimately be uploaded, but at least for now, you can hear the unit play on the project site.  If you find this worthwhile, please pass this link along to anyone that would find it interesting!


Thank you,


WilliamK Govinda

That's great. What I would love to see is a Dream chip with the option to load samples from a SD card to an external RAM. Like my old Game Theater 64 card used to do with those Dream chips. ;-)





I have actually been asked many times for something that has the type of capabilities that you are suggesting.  In a few months, I may go back and do a more advanced design.

BTW, thanks to everyone who has supported the project!  The support has exceeded my expectations.



Thank you Keith for putting this project on Kickstarter. It is something I have been dreaming about (even studied the SAM2195) but it's way beyond my skills. For now I'm sticking to simpler MIDI projects.

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