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TY oldrich,
soon i'll take one or two modules.


I'm wondering whether a GSM modem can be interfaced with from Arduino directly.  I have a Huawei E160 and I'd like to be able to issue AT commands to read data from its SIM card.  Is a GSM shield like this one required for this?

Many thanks


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you can use any serial port GSM modem to do SMS or IP signalling. My prototype used a Teltonika modem.

You can also use an old mobile phone, lots of them around if you can find the serial cables for one.

The Huawei E160 is a USB device and would need you to go via a USB host shield on the Arduino


Thanks nimbusgb,

I think the USB host shield is the right way to go.  I'm now trying to figure out if any libraries are out there to help communicate AT Commands through the Arduino - USB interface.  

I've looked at GSM Playground's GSM library, which is useful, but developed to work specifically for their GSM shield.  Any tips on how to get AT commands to, and read responses from my USB modem?

Many thanks.


This is great!
Few questions, is that gsm module compatible with european networks?
Are you planning to code gprs functions also?

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