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This looks great! Quick question: what is the footprint of the library after compilation? You have a picture of both the ethernet and gsm shields beings used, Do i need a 328 for this, or will a 168 suffice?


Good question! It depends whether all the functions are used in the sketch but the size is typisally about 9,5kB in an advanced application.  :)


Oct 24, 2009, 12:32 pm Last Edit: Oct 24, 2009, 12:35 pm by Oldrich Reason: 1
We have introduced the ne version of GSM library! http://www.hwkitchen.com/news/gsm-playground-software-library/
The main changes are that it is possible to make an authorization of caller number (call and SMS), deactivate DTMF receiver outputs so that these signals can be used for another purpose (Ethernet Shield) and to have a direct printing of Debug information on the serial line...
All sketches were updated about the new library features.
The new library function has higher requirements for memory so it needs ATmega328 with 2kB SRAM.
All differences compare to previous version (V1.00) are described at the end of this document. http://files.hwkitchen.com/200000173-93e3594dc7/GSM%20Playground%20Software%20Library.pdf
It is also possible to use the GSM library without GSM Playground hardware with another GSM Module from Telit - eg. GM862. ;)


Hi Oldrich,
Great work!
I'm interested to this module, just a question:
Is it shiled compatible with arduino mega ? Or does it need any "hack"?
I've bought a Mega and a LAN Shiled and I had to scramble some pins for getting work...


Hi Dino,
thank you for question, the GSM Shield is fully compatible with Arduino Mega or Seeeduino Mega. The new Ethernet shield SD is also compatible with Mega now.


TY oldrich,
soon i'll take one or two modules.


I'm wondering whether a GSM modem can be interfaced with from Arduino directly.  I have a Huawei E160 and I'd like to be able to issue AT commands to read data from its SIM card.  Is a GSM shield like this one required for this?

Many thanks


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you can use any serial port GSM modem to do SMS or IP signalling. My prototype used a Teltonika modem.

You can also use an old mobile phone, lots of them around if you can find the serial cables for one.

The Huawei E160 is a USB device and would need you to go via a USB host shield on the Arduino


Thanks nimbusgb,

I think the USB host shield is the right way to go.  I'm now trying to figure out if any libraries are out there to help communicate AT Commands through the Arduino - USB interface.  

I've looked at GSM Playground's GSM library, which is useful, but developed to work specifically for their GSM shield.  Any tips on how to get AT commands to, and read responses from my USB modem?

Many thanks.


This is great!
Few questions, is that gsm module compatible with european networks?
Are you planning to code gprs functions also?

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