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Hi there! We have prepared a new GSM Shield for Arduino called GSM Playground! The project has started with a requirement for a cheap and versatile solution for handling with all the GSM capabilities andother related features (DTMF). You can check what we did here http://www.hwkitchen.com/products/gsm-playground/ :P


wow thats pretty amazing... maybe someday I will buy one of those and play with it....

this could be used for house monitoring, GPS tracking.... among a million other projects...

thanks for the heads up...


That does look awesome.

I'd love to get one and set it up to do some home automation stuff via SMS, but I it's a bit pricey for me :(


wow, thats a cool shield :)

put a GPS shield on top and you have a GPS locator  :D

i think i need one  ;)


I've got to agree, looks amazing!!
I downloaded the Library just to take a look, and ... I have to say, awesome! The library does a good job commenting on what everything is, it actually seems fairly simple (even for a newb) to use! :D

An example would be splendid! Might be a selling point for some of us!



Hello Guys!
It is amazing that while the guys from Europe were sleeping the other guys from another side of the earth have written nice positive comments!  :o Thank you for that!
I can honestly tell you that the GSM Shield design was a bit challenge even I am used to design the devices based on GSM Modules? The biggest problem was supplying of the GSM Shield from Arduino board because Arduino is not suitable for supplying of ripple current hungry devices. But finally we solved this well so it can be easily supplied either from USB or adaptor and also added the LiPol battery connector so that the shield and Arduino board can be supplied from it. The next big issue was the Audio in generally. The GSM environment is quite noisy and that is critical for audio paths. The power amplifier was quite easy to solve because we have used suitable fully differential amplifier but the circuits for the Mike was a big issue and I spent 2 PCB versions on that  :-[. Finally it is solved very well and there is no GSM noise at all. I can simply tell you that the tricks are hidden mainly in the PCB layout and then it depends quite much on the electret microphone it self also (it must have embedded capacitors against GSM noise).
I like the DTMF functions because it works very well and it is very stable. It is much faster to use compare to SMS. I use it as another way how to open a garage door in case I only have mobile phone.
I wish we have lots of fun with that shield! The GSM library will grow in future, we are going to add RTC and alarm functions, GPRS features and also design an auxiliary module (Shield on Shield  :D) for the GPIO connector containing 4 relays and 4 input (optocouplers) so that the usage in the target application is simple as possible! :)


very nice job Oldrich....

I have some applications running over GPRS, the good thing about it, is that you could use a DNS service, like noip dot com.... and actually have a TCP-IP fully functional network... you can control robots, alarm systems... all over the internet...

Its a bit too expensive for me right now... but I will buy one in the future...

Best Regards,



Hi Tony!
thanks for the note about GPRS. Yes, this possibility is quite interesting and actually quite easy to use. Can I ask you what was the GSM Module that you have used in your application?


I used the  SIM300DZ/SIM340DZ module...

they are pretty nice... but I did not use the arduino with it... most of my projects until 4 months ago were in PIC...

they are sold in Brazil at:


I did look at your libraries, the shield you´ve done is very professional...

Best Regards,



Most people want to compare the GSM Playground with the GSM Shield from Libelium. I have never tried that shield my self so I have no personal experiences. Does anybody have any experience with that shield? :-/  
Thank you for inputs.


I have not play with the Libelium shield, but I have with the Telit GM862-GPS
With a own adapter for the arduino.
Photo: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3509/3843509815_4c65e4882e.jpg

The application(school project) was to lock/unlock a boat with a SMS
and to request GPS coords with an SMS, and some other stuff like alarm.


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Thank you for the input! Cool application!
This is the real HW Cooking that is the most interesting ;)


The nice thing here is u get a fully functional library with HWs shield, u don't get that with Libeliums shield,,, nice work!


Yes, the library is something we provide together with the GSM Shield. We are going to release an updated version soon. There will be also possible to have some "calling number identification" for SMS and voice call - DTMF commands. This feature makes the application based on controlling or opening of something using DTMF quite safe.  :)

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