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I do board level repair on SMPS in LCD , TV Monitors etc. Some times it is necessary to look up an IC data sheet and check for a proper wave on a certain pin to verify it is working using an oscilloscope.

Is there a way to test for that signal or wave with an arduino ?

From what i have read so far the arduino oscilloscope projects will not have enough bandwidth to do this.

I am new at this and please correct me on my thoughts.

I would like to use arduino to be able to test if a PWM ic on a SMPS is working or not. Or check the MCU IC on the mainboard of an LCD tv just to see if it works.

Any thoughts on this is welcome .

Nice to meet you all and thanks for your input.


Try searching for "Arduino logic analyzer" rather than "oscilloscope" ?
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Thanks MarkT I will try to research it.

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