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I have my arduino playing tones through a pin I plugged the positive end of a peizo into the pin and when I touched the ground wire I could faintly hear the tone.
I wasn't touching the board in fact I could stand up and even sit in my chair, It was still heard can anyone provide insight as to why this occurred?
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Not sure I can answer, but you haven't provided much info. What pin were you touching? What code was running? From what you have stated, and what I know, it sounds like you were touching a pin whose state was changing rapidly, i.e. at a frequency that you can hear.


it was pin 12 the ardunio was playing various tones with the tone function. (<1000 hertz)
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Ah, sorry -- I understand the question now. You're wondering what path the current is taking in order to complete the circuit. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in.


yes exactly, is it going through the physical ground (floor) and going into the arduino which is on my desk (made of wood)
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Hi Pi,
YOU are a capacitor coupling the other end of the piezo to "ground".

Depending on how well insulated you are you may also be a resistor to ground (or whatever else you are touching)..

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Lick your finger and see what happens differently!

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