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Robot that takes a 360-degree series of pictures.  After, stitching software compiles them into a panorama.  I host them at http://www.photosynth.net/userprofilepage.aspx?user=maxrottersman

Arduino robot construction details at:


I send serial commands to the Arduino through a PC.  I also have a version that runs completely off the Arduino; I use a switch to start/stop the pan/tilting.

I use Powershell to both send commands to the Arduino, and to capture/download images from the digital camera.

Hopefully what I've learned will help others.  



Very Cool,
what software did you use for stitching the photos together?

Just a thought, but if you get bored, maybe add another camera facing up and get the sky to  :)


I'm using Microsoft Image Composition Editor (ICE).  It's free and here


I agree, the sky would be nice, and the ground, but I haven't gotten there yet.  


Very cool! :)

But.... The Essential Ernest Collection?!?!?!

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