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I'm using an HX711 amplifier with  50Kg 4 load cells, like this:

My problem is that the reads is drifting, even with no load on scale.

Board: ESP8266 e-12
Power source: MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V 5V For Arduino

I'm using Bogde's Hx711 library (https://github.com/bogde/HX711).
The code is very basic:

void loop() {
     Serial.println("scale not ready"); 


And the output is keep drifting up (see attachment).

Any ideas what cause the drift? and how do I fix it?




Are all 4 loadcells at the same temperature?  This could be thermal drift.
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Yes, all 4 are on the same surface (just a bathroom scale), with the same temperature.


Battery voltage dropping?
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No. Power is fixed (using  MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3).

This is the plot for about an hour read, with 20Kg on.
I'm a newbie with this kind of things, but why do the the raw reads has to drifts so much (even if it just 4% out of 200Kg)?

For my understanding , if all parameters are fixed - load, power source, temperature, code side - isn't the read suppose to be basically the same over time (lets say an hour)?


The HX711 needs a 5volt supply for the 4.3volt excitation voltage regulator to work.
Excitation voltage (and load cell output) will be unstable on 3.3volt.

The ESP8266 might need 3.3volt logic. Not sure. Never used one.

If so, then you need level shifters between HX711 and ESP.

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