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I'm trying to get the Illuminato Genesis to work with the 1.0 release.

So far, I have it loading stuff onto the board and I can change whether the built-in LED is lit... but only by setting it as an output pin.  I can not turn it off in the main loop.  If I do not configure it as output, it stays dim.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to proceed?  I haven't managed to work out the new timer syntax (the numbers changed, should I use the new #DEFINEd names for them, or use the constant names and trust that the new values are right for the chip?)  Also... how do I configure the Soft PWM stuff?

Do I need to work out how to get I2C working from the device?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



I'm trying to get the Illuminato Genesis

You want US to google that for you?


That would be fantastic.  If you could simply tell me the correct set of keywords to use, I would be over the moon.

However, I have not yet found a good guide to the data structures in pins_android.h.  I took a stab at them and I think I have everything but the timers fixed up correctly.  But as described in the first post, I have managed to light the on-board LED, but can only get it to light with the statement pinMode(13, OUTPUT).  When I do digitalWrite(13, LOW) from the setup() or main()... it does not go low.  However, if I do a pinMode(13, OUTPUT); pinMode(13, INPUT); The LED does not illuminate.

So... I am getting code to run on the platform, and I have enough of the structures set up correctly for the board so that it has the right pin 13.  But at that point I am stumped.

If there is a good guide to porting the android internals to a "new" platform, I have not yet found it.

Since you clearly think it is obvious, I am eager to hear your suggestions!



Since you clearly think it is obvious, I am eager to hear your suggestions!

Where did I say anything like that?

You come barging in here asking questions about something I've never heard of, and saying that you are having trouble porting it to the Arduino. I asked you for a link, and you replied with a bunch of code that makes no sense.

I don't think we are on the same page, here. In fact, I'm not sure we're even reading from the same book.


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James C4S

I'm trying to get the Illuminato Genesis to work with the 1.0 release.

The Illuminato was the first Arduino I bought.  The support files for the IDE were never created.  2 (3?) years later, it still takes up space in my parts box.
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