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This is my 4500th post.
Here is a heat sink that I pulled out of a skip back in 1967 when I got my first job. Every year at Christmas it comes out of the bottom draw and sits on my desk at what ever place I am working at.

Each year I do something different with it. This year it has flashing LEDs on it controlled by an arduino. The USB connector is simply supplying power. There are two sequences each on lasting for 100 seconds. The first is a random flashing of each LED. Each LED has it's own independent period chosen at random between 1.5 seconds and 0.2 seconds. The second is a fixed pattern where the LEDs get lit in turn until they are all on and then turned off in turn.

A merry Christmas to you all. Or as I like to put it, have a good winter solstices celebration.
Ho ho ho ......   ;D


Neat. And a Merry Christmas to you, too.
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This is my 4500th post.

Congrats! :D

Here is a heat sink that I pulled out of a skip back in 1967 when I got my first job.

That's an awesome looking heat sink (or did you have to mill it or something?)!

Happy Solstice to you too ;D!

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Merry Christmas, Grumpy Mike.  Merry Christmas.



Merry Christmas Mike.  Love the home grown Arduino :)


(or did you have to mill it or something?)!

No that is exactly how I pulled it out of the skip with three stud mounting diodes (I presume). Why three and not two or four? Maybe it was three phase or something I don't know I was only a kid and I haven't investigated.



pretty neat lil cubicle buddy


Do you have any pics of your previous winter solstices celebration projects with the "tree"?


No sorry, it is the first time it has made it to a photograph. Most others have been unspectacular. The last few years with economic good times I have gone for the minimalist striped down look. But now in these economically stringent times a bit of blink is called for hence the LEDs.


wow like that stuff. it's very techy, would love to have that.

prelit Christmas trees

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