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I made some simple code to transmit a simple ECG signal over the serial line. This could be useful for a teaching lab... etc.  I really have no use for it I was just getting trying to learn about coding an arduino.  I suppose you could add some noise and send the signal as an analog out to test a circuit you have built.  

double ekg[] = {0.19136,0.19136,0.27337,0.41006,0.54675,0.74282,2.0672,4.8761,9.1102,13.701,18.291,22.881,27.472,30.226,29.92,26.554,21.963,17.373,12.782,8.1921,4.2015,1.7103,0.7185,0.62638,0.53427,0.44215,0.35004,0.25792,0.16581,-0.9667,-6.2608,-14.335,-14.306,-1.4965,22.712,48.475,71.736,76.651,60.719,26.441,-10.339,-44.249,-57.116,-46.071,-20.956,-4.5927,0.149,0.24213,0.33526,0.42839,0.52151,0.61464,0.70777,0.80089,0.89402,0.98715,1.0803,1.1734,1.2665,1.3597,1.4528,1.5459,1.9248,3.0181,4.8258,7.0621,9.2985,11.535,13.771,15.65,16.097,15.053,12.877,10.64,8.404,6.1676,4.0046,2.3792,1.3647,0.88781,0.48964,0.1937,0.032284,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};

void setup()

void loop()
 for(int k = 0;k<100;k++)

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